Superintendent Message (English)

I write this while sitting at my parent’s kitchen table in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The same table (in the same house) I’ve sat at for countless family dinners growing up. I am writing this from Minnesota because last week I arrived to spend time with my family after my niece passed away due to complications from a rare chromosomal disorder she was born with. My sister and her husband were told that Pearl would likely never survive her birth, but she did. Against unbelievable odds, Pearl thrived for almost 7 years. Pearl was our miracle. She was the happiest-go-lucky baby, toddler, and little kid you would ever meet. And she was a fighter. She survived multiple surgeries and health complications over her short life and had challenges most of us will never encounter in our lives. And she taught all of us the meaning of grace and humanity.

Please forgive me for making this message so personal, but I believe that it is important for my development as a person and as your educational leader. The truth is, public education is personal. We are in the kid business- the business of care, growth, and learning. To me, that means every kid, every day. Every kid- no matter their background, the color of their skin, the family they come from or how much money they make, the language they first learned, the disabilities they were born with, or any other host of differences. It is my privilege to serve with educators that come to work every day to serve all of our kids.

We have much to be proud of here in the Dayton School District: Our graduation rate was recently celebrated as being one of the top 10 in the state of Oregon (#6 overall); our growth rates on standardized test scores are strong (this means the measure from how much a student improves their test score from one year to the next); and we truly care for our kids and carry out our mission of being a district with heart. That being said, we still have areas to improve, and our students aren’t always as well prepared as they could be. It is important to celebrate the successes, but also good to acknowledge that we can always work to get better.

We will:

  • Continue to strive for our students reaching a higher bar of achieving rigorous academic success on tasks and assessments;
  • Work to ensure that all students are ready for the academic and social demands required for their post-secondary life beyond high school; and
  • Navigate a process to improve our school facilities across the district.

This is all about reflecting on our current performance and practices to see what is going well and what we can adjust so we continuously improve and get better for those that we serve. As superintendent, I am here to best serve our community and school system, and to serve all kids. I would like your feedback about my performance. Your reflections and feedback will help me better serve our students, staff, and community. Please visit our website and respond to my 360-degree survey and tell me what you think. As always, thank you for entrusting us with your children and our future! It is my pleasure to serve all of you!

Jason Hay