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Dayton public schools are the heart of Dayton, Oregon.  Dayton School District is located in western Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley, between McMinnville and Newberg, and serves approximately 1,000 students in a grade school, junior high, and high school.  The school district draws people into the community who want a strong educational system with a rural sense of caring and teamwork.

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2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback to our calendar development process.  We had a number of opinions that highlighted potential positives and negatives for both calendar options that were presented with the survey.  On March 13th, during their regular School Board Meeting this week, the School Board discussed the feedback and made a determination to adopt the Option #2 calendar provided here. 

Three key rationale were cited for the selection: First, this calendar option had a shorter winter break.  Second, this calendar option didn’t stretch the work year for teachers into an extra week in June (a one Monday work week to do grading).  Third, the winter break starts one week later allowing for four full weeks of school between Thanksgiving and winter break. 

Jason Hay

2018-2019 Academic Calendar

360 Degree Survey for our Superintendent's Evaluation

I need your help... I would like some feedback about my leadership and how things are going thus far in my tenure as your superintendent.  The link below will take you to a 360 degree survey that will provide you with an opportunity to give me feedback on my leadership as it relates to the goals the school board adopted for me this past summer.

I think about three overarching big ideas when I think about my role as an educational leader:

First, I believe that I need to do everything I can to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for our students.  I want kids to feel safe, loved, and prioritized.  They, like all of us, want to belong and matter.  We exist for students.  Everything we do must have a student aim and we should be able to ask and answer this question, "How will ___________ help our students feel safe, loved, and prioritized; feel they belong and matter; and learn better and at higher levels?"

Second, I believe that I need to develop and support a healthy organization- things like developing, strengthening, and maintaining a strong leadership team (board, administrative, and staff teams); setting a clear vision and objectives for the future; communicating that vision and those objectives; and building and supporting a sustainable budget and practices for operating and serving big idea number one.

Third, I believe that we must always get better.  We must be working in a continuous improving cycle and constantly be looking for ways to improve our policies, practices, and procedures toward supporting that safe and productive learning environment for our students as well as developing and supporting a healthy organization.

This survey is directed toward the last big idea so I can get better and in turn help our whole system get better.  I very much appreciate your time and energy needed to respond thoughtfully to this survey.  The dialogue I have had thus far since July has provided me such perspective and understanding; this will continue that conversation.  Thank you!  Please email or call me if you have questions.  Click on the survey link below to get started. 


Please respond to the survey by 4:00 p.m. on April 6th.  This information will be incorporated into the school board conversation about my evaluation on April 10.

Thank you so much!

Jason Hay


Open Enrollment for 2018-2019

Dayton School Board voted to participate in limited Open Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year. There are limited open slots per grade level in grades K – 4 and grades 6-12. Preference is given to current interdistrict transfer students.

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