Dayton Grade School

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Dayton Grade School, the sole K-5 elementary school in Dayton, Oregon, serves families living in rural Yamhill County. Approximately 430 students attend Dayton Grade School and the average class size is 27.  A transitional bilingual program, Rhythms, and differentiated instruction that meets the learning needs of all students are just some of the factors that shape Dayton Grade School’s exemplary tradition.

In 2016 a team of staff wrote an online learning adaptive math grant which resulted in a $100,000 award.  Monies from this grant were used to purchase Chromebooks for 3rd-5th grade students.  A previous technology grant was used to purchase iPads and those were placed into kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms.  This resulted in all students in the Dayton School District having access to a device for learning, so we are 1-1 with technology.

Current Principal, Stephanie Ewing came to Dayton in 2006 as the Special Services Director and then 2011 as the Principal.  An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, Stephanie’s educational passion is literacy.  When not at Dayton Grade School Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband, and children.

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