Check-out policies for students

    • Kindergarten and 1st grade: 1 item (book or magazine)
    • 2nd-5th grades: 2 items
    • Additional items may be checked out for research or class projects with librarian approval.
    • Parents/guardians are welcome to check out books for their family. See Mrs. Tankersley to set up your own account.

Items may be checked out for up to 2 weeks. No new items may be checked out until previous materials are returned. Students may not renew an item if there is a waiting list. No overdue fines are charged, however, lost/damaged books must be paid for before official report cards are released.

The Oregon Reader’s Choice Award (ORCA)

The Oregon Reader’s Choice Award, sponsored by the Oregon Librarian’s Association, was founded in 2010 to encourage young readers to read high-quality and current literature. It’s a fun and engaging way for Oregon youth in grades 4-12 to choose their favorite book from the nominated list. Go to  to learn how the books are nominated.

Check out the blog that’s devoted to ORCA for more information:

Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Contest