Web Resources for Families

The teachers at Dayton Grade School use many forms of technology in the classroom. These include computers, SMART Boards, laptops, and a multitude of handheld devices. Our primary grade students are regularly seen using iPods in their classroom. We also initiated a one-to-one iPad program in our fourth and fifth grade classrooms.

The introduction of these devices has allowed us regular access to web tools. The following list of resources are a few of our favorites:


Benchmark Literacy: Student, teacher sign-on link for our reading and writing curriculum.

MobyMax A complete supplementary k-8 curriculum. This tool is used to various degrees by our teachers.

www.starfall.com This site is primarily for early readers. We use this site to help students with letter-sound recognition.

http://pbskids.org/games/reading/ This site is full of interactive reading games for kids.

http://pbskids.org/lions/ Similar to the site above. This site is great for early readers. It helps students with letter-sound recognition through games and stories.

http://mathandreadinghelp.org/kids_games/index.html This is an excellent resource for games in reading and math for students of all ability levels.

www.animoto.com Animoto is great video creation tool for students. They can create movie trailers with their own voice and digital pictures.

http://teacher.scholastic.com/tools/  This site provides a multitude of resources for parents and teachers. Some of our favorites are the story starters and flash card generator.


TenMarks: Adaptive math intervention for grades 2 to 5.

DreamBox Learning Our current math intervention. All students use this program in our math lab. This engaging program is helpful for students of all grade levels. Students practice math skills fit to their level of learning.

www.ixl.com  This site is set up for students of all grade levels to practice grade level standards in both reading and mathematics.

http://pbskids.org/games/math/ This is site has a variety of interactive math games for students of all levels.

www.math-aids.com This can be used to generate worksheets on a wide range of skills in mathematics.

Additional Resources for Parents:

http://www.corestandards.org/ Teachers view this site, or the app, to review the Common Core State Standards, (CCSS). We use the CCSS to help guide our instruction and student learning targets.

http://www.edutopia.org/ This site is provides information on a variety of research-based instructional techniques.

Additional Resources for Students:

https://clever.com/in/dsd: Instant login to our Clever sites: Khan Academy, Educreation, and Dreambox

Our Favorite Apps:

Splash Math: An engaging game for students to practice grade level math skills.

Motion Math HD-Fractions: Our upper grade students use this game to identify fractions on a numberline.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish: Students “feed” the fish by adding number bubbles together. It’s harder than it sounds. With 20 levels, this app is great for all ability levels.

Quick Voice: This is a simple voice recording app. Our students use this to record and listen to their reading.

Pages: This is our favorite word processing app.

Draw and Tell: A story telling app for younger students. This app allows students to draw a picture, then record their own voice to tell the story.