Dayton High School

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Dayton High School, a 3A high school located in the heart of Yamhill County, is proud of its roots and athletic traditions. The school’s mission statement, “Showing heart and developing minds through rigor, relevance, and relationships” helps guide all aspects of academics and electives. Approximately 340 students attend grades 9-12 at DHS. Small class sizes provide opportunities for differentiated instruction.

Jami Fluke, the new principal of DHS, has been the principal of Dayton Junior High since 2002. Prior to that she taught elementary, alternative school, and junior high and worked as an assistant principal at Dayton for one year.
In 2011 she assumed the dual role of principalship at both schools. Mrs. Fluke and her husband enjoy spending time with their three daughters, two of whom are students at Dayton.

Todd Shirley, 6-12 assistant principal and athletic director, joined the Dayton staff in 2011. Previously he was principal at a charter school in Eastern Oregon.

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